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Overview | DHT11, DHT22 and AM2302 Sensors | Adafruit ...


29/7/2012· Good for 0 humidity readings with 25% accuracy. Good for 40 to 80°C temperature readings ±°C accuracy. No more than Hz sampling rate (once every 2 seconds) Body size x 25mm x 4 pins with " spacing. As you can see, the DHT22 / AM2302 is a little more accurate and good over a slightly larger range.

Table : PIC18(L)F4XK22 Pinout I/O Descriptions (Continued)


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(PDF) Performance Analysis of a Greenhouse FanPad Cooling ...


An experimental study is conducted to determine the performance parameters of system, as well as gradients of temperature and humidity along greenhouse when opening FanPad cooling system.

Pamukkale Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Makina ...


v Rezistanslı kuvöz sisteminin doğal soğuma hızı ile termoelektrikli kuvöz sisteminin soğutma performansının karşılaştırılması ... 214 Şekil : Sensirion SHT31 sıcaklık ve bağıl nem sensörü ... analizörü geliştirmiştir. Bu çalışmada, sıcaklık sensörü olarak LM35, ...



IV characteristics of the Debye sheath. The beginning of Langmuir probe theory is the IV characteristic of the Debye sheath, that is, the current density flowing to a surface in a plasma as a function of the voltage drop across the sheath.

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